Artist Notes

Rob has worked continuously within the area of contemporary glass since 1975. After an initial 18 months at the Jam Factory he built 2 hot shops as part of artist cooperatives in Adelaide before moving to Victoria in 1983. Establishing his private studio, 'Britannia Creek Glass' in the Upper Yarra Valley outside Melbourne in 1984, he made a range of hot glass production blown work. From 1988 - 2000 these decorative studio lines were developed together with his glass artist partner Anna Amiet.

Throughout most of this period Rob has been making sculpture. The works at this point are now recognized as falling into 3 distinct periods, Assemblage 1977- 1988, CAD CAM Waterjet Cut plate glass sculptures 1987 - 1997, and the current castings 2002 -. Robs interests are wide ranging; covering literature, science, politics, and the environment. He has exhibited consistently with works held in public and private collections in Australia and elsewhere.

Short Resume

  • Qualifications
    1971: BA, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    2005: MA (Fine Arts) (Research), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Exhibitions
    1994: 'World Glass Now', Hokkaido MOMA Japan
    2000-1: 'At the Edge,' Australian Glass Art, Germany & UK
  • Collections
    Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Hokkaido MOMA, Sapporo, Japan
    Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, USA
  • Publications
    1987: 'Masters of Their Craft: Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Australian Decorative Arts', Dr Noris Ioannou, Craftsman House
    2002: 'request, response reaction -the designers of Australia & New Zealand' Stephen Crafti, Images, Melbourne VIC Australia
    2006: ‘The Dutch – The Move Down Under 1606-2006,’ Ed. Dr Nonja Peters, Wolters Kluwer

Resume - Downloadable PDF
Exhibitions / Publications / Articles / Catalogues / Collections / 1977- 2005

Recent Article - Downloadable PDF - 1.2 MB
Craft Arts International, Issue # 65, October 2005


Rob Knottenbelt
2730 Warburton Hwy
Wesburn VIC 3799 Australia
Phone/ Fax 61 3 5967 1215


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